Create composer package for cakephp plugin - tutorial?

Hi there,

is there any online tutorial explaining step by step how to create cakephp related package for cakephp related plugin, behavior or helper etc ?

Making a package that can be 'compose’d is on my ‘to learn’ list too.

My suspicion is that there are no Cake specific details to this process.

I won’t be surprised if my IDE, phpStorm offers some tools. And I wouldn’t be too surprised if git was involved in some way. But I’m sure nothing specific to the Cake framework will be a factor.

There is awesome-cakephp/ at master · FriendsOfCake/awesome-cakephp · GitHub
But it is mainly default setup of PHP packages in general.

Also see Developing CakePHP 3+ Plugins, it’s fun! – DerEuroMark