Version controlling a plugin?

Hi everyone,

I’m getting familiar with plugins and just created my first one under APP/plugins/MyPlugin.

Since the point of CakePHP plugins is to be pre-packaged and reusable in other CakePHP applications, I’m thinking to version-control it somehow, but it already got tracked by the parent APP’s git because the plugins folder isn’t .gitignore'd.

I’m guessing this is the intended behaviour? If I plan for my plugin to be internally reusable in my other CakePHP apps, should I somehow put it into vendor instead? Or should I simply add APP/plugins/MyPlugin to .gitignore?

UPD oh, and if the answer is to put it under vendor, then is there even a way to do that with a private repository hosted with Bitbucket or Amazon CodeCommit?

Yes, if you want it to be usable in other projects, you probably want to put it in its own repository. Composer is quite capable of require-ing things that are in private repositories.