CakePHP Bake :: Create Element file on bake command

I’ve created a plug-in, and inside that plug-in I’ve got a custom bake template. I’d like to create an Element file _head.ctp inside the /src/Template/Element/ folder when I execute the bake command.

The element file will consist of a code:

<div class="row">
    <div class="card-block">
        <a href="<?= $this->Url->build(array('action' => 'add', '_ext' => 'html')); ?>" class="btn btn-primary"><i class="icon-plus-circle2 position-left"></i> Add</a>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;
        <a href="<?= $this->Url->build(array('action' => 'index', '_ext' => 'html')); ?>" class="btn btn-primary"><i class="icon icon-grid2 position-left"></i> List All <?= __('{{ pluralHumanName }}') ?></a>

Bake command which I’m using is: bin\cake bake all Customers --prefix backend --theme MyBakeTheme

NOTE: Once I’ll execute this command my Element file _head.ctp should create inside the /src/Template/Element/Customer folder.

CakePHP v3.8.2 and Bake v1.x.

Can someone please assist in how I can create a custom Element file?

Thanks for your help.