CakePHP and MariaDB

Hi there,

I’m in search for a PHP Framework and took a look at CakePHP.
The system requirements mention diverse database systems like MySQL and Postgre, but no MariaDB.
Does this mean that MariaDB will be fully compatible with CakePHP for now and in the future?
Or does it mean nobody tested it and there is the risc of data loss when using MariaDB?
I wonder why there is no official Statement regarding MariaDB, because it is very popular and e.g. preinstalled in XAMPP.


MariaDB it’s a MySQL fork. According to the wikipedia page, “MariaDB intends to maintain high compatibility with MySQL, ensuring a “drop-in” replacement capability”.

That means that if CakePHP supports MySQL, then it supports MariaDB. No problem changing one for another.

Obviously I can be wrong, but my knowledge with MySQL leads me to believe that.

If I’m not wrong, configuring cakephp to use mysql and configuring the system to use mariadb should not be a problem.