Cake 3.4 beta install

I tryed

php composer.phar require "cakephp/cakephp:3.4.0-beta4"

php composer.phar didn’t work on windows, then I tryed

composer require "cakephp/cakephp:3.4.0-beta4"

It only did a partial install, vendor and some other folders, so how do I Install this and get all required folders?
webroot wasn’t even there.

Even read Although composer is the recommended installation method, there are pre-installed downloads available on Github. Followed link of downloaded, still not a complete folder structure.
Any ideas how to get the new beta on windows 10? the 3.3.* installed correctly.

For a new project, you need to run:

composer create cakephp/app:''
composer require "cakephp/cakephp:3.4.0-beta4"

Will update an existing project to the 3.4 beta.

Thanks I will try that and yeah I prefer a new install.

I tryed

composer create cakephp/app:''

but got this error:

Could not parse version constraint ‘’: Invalid version string “‘’”

I changed


composer create cakephp/

and it worked.

I always get confused as to when quotations are required or not.