Beginner of the extreme


I am young apprenticeship in a compagny and need help to take control of CakePHP.
I retake an intranet application that an engineer has done and I get lost in all the files contained in the project …

I would like to know where is the code of the main menu for change it, know what all these folders are used for and especially where the code is located to modify the functionalities of the application.

Here are some screens to support you my request :

This is the capture of the project organization (I get lost completely)

Sorry for my deplorable English, and if a charitable soul could help me I will be grateful.
Have a good day ! :slight_smile:

if its version cakephp 3+ i suggest start looking at:
src/Template/Layout/default.ctp (check if its here or maybe a element include $this->element(‘element_paht’) )