Modify cakephp4 adminlte

im using
on cakephp 4.0.8 .
im follow all tutorial from github, but web page still on default.
like footer store on
when change item on that, website view still default admin lte.
need some advice. thanks

According to the Migration Guide:

  • Templates have been moved from src/Template/ to templates/ folder on app and plugin root.
  • Special templates folders like Cell , Element , Email , Layout and Plugin have be renamed to lower case cell , element , email , layout and plugin respectively.
  • The template extension has also been changed from .ctp to .php .

So now the correct path is:

Hi @blackninego90,

Seems like the documentation of the plugin is not updated yet for CakePHP 4.x. Template files now will be in templates/ folder not src/Template folder. As @may suggested refer to migration guide and see what changed in Cake 4.x.

Also it would be nice to open a issue( in github for this plugin so maintainer have idea about it and can fix in next release, or even better if you submit a PR to solve this after you found the solution for this.

issue open templating in cakephp 4 already there by some one else.

thanks for information.

Check my answer on SO: This is how it has to be:

Unfortunately the author of Admin-LTE seems to be too busy. No answers, old documentation, it’s a pity!