Apache failed in xampp

|1:49:46 PM [Apache] |Return code: 0|
|1:49:46 PM [Apache] |Status change detected: running|
|1:49:47 PM [Apache] |Status change detected: stopped|
|1:49:47 PM [Apache] |Error: Apache shutdown unexpectedly.|
|1:49:47 PM [Apache] |This may be due to a blocked port, missing dependencies, |
|1:49:47 PM [Apache] |improper privileges, a crash, or a shutdown by another method.|
|1:49:47 PM [Apache] |Press the Logs button to view error logs and check|
|1:49:47 PM [Apache] |the Windows Event Viewer for more clues|
|1:49:47 PM [Apache] |If you need more help, copy and post this|
|1:49:47 PM [Apache] |entire log window on the forums|
|1:51:41 PM [main] |Executing notepad.exe c:\xampp\apache\logs\error.log|

Maybe you already have some software running on port 80?
Maybe you need to run the software as administrator?

Basically this error message doesn’t tell anything usefull other than the fact, that apache stopped unexpectedly.

Maybe tell us more about your system? Which OS? Which version of XAMPP?

Apache/2.4.48 (Win64) OpenSSL/1.1.1k PHP/7.3.29

I had updated apache/httpd.conf with the virtualhost code from a 2015 xampp install thread. When Apache failed to start, I removed it and Apache server started. So now i am confused at how to get cakephp environment to run.
I download the cakephp zip file and copied the files to a jake folder in htdocs. I am getting conflicting info about the configuration to get the mvc/cms environment working.

CakePHP depends on the webserver (e.g. Apache) to run, not the other way around. If Apache is not working, it’s not because of Cake, and you’re likely to get much better help on Apache-specific forums.

OK…I agree and I did figure that out and have local/jack.com opening in a browser.
I am now having trouble finding the files to configure the database. This is the statement that makes no sense: there is no azibappconfig folder! Please point me in the right direction.
“Start off setting up your database connection by renaming the database configuration file to database.php/app.php file from database.php/app.php.default file, as found in the C:xampphtdocs azibappconfig folder. Now open the database.php/app.php file and enter a username, password, and database name to the ‘$default’ connection variable:”

How old a version of CakePHP are you using, and where did you find these terrible directions?

I downloaded 4.2 and those instructions were in multiple places. I think one was from an xampp person

This link:

That link includes this line: “Extract the CakePHP (version 1.3.8) zip file”. CakePHP has evolved TREMENDOUSLY between 1.3.8 and 4.2, and nothing about the installation process for 1.3.8 would reasonably be expected to apply to 4.2. I’d suggest that the official CakePHP documentation would be the place to go for how to install it.

Background: html programming for many years, this is my first time trying to use a cms. I cannot get cakephp install in my xampp\htdocs folder.
Is still an xampp issue? The instructions seem to assume I’m a unix/linux cocder…never used them. I am in windows 7 using xampp server to build/test. I finally figured out the when “bin” is used it means a directory I want to install to? Is there any hope for me using this cms? Thanks for your patience.

First off, CakePHP is not a CMS, it’s a framework. There are CMSes built on CakePHP, but it is not, by itself, a CMS.

I think the instructions generally tend to assume not Unix/Linux, but rather familiarity with configuring your web server and running command line tools. Like how a car manual doesn’t explain traffic lights or speed limits. If you’re not sure how to get anything running under Apache, then your solution won’t lie in the Cake documentation, but generic Apache or XAMPP docs.

That said, it’s 100% possible to run CakePHP applications in the environment you’re dealing with.

I appreciate the response but there is no other info than the 1.3 software. I have been looking n it seems there is no docs for xampp using cakephp 4.xxx. I am comfortable using the command or php window. But not setting up/configuring apache xampp for cakephp. xampp sets itself up and I have made changes to php.ini for my web apps but need a framework to build better modern websites. Any help I can get is appreciated.

maybe this could help

Thanks…but could there be another without an Indian narrator? I can’t understand everything he says especially when he talks faster.

Have you followed the steps on the link I provided to get CakePHP installed on your system? Have you noticed that there’s a section on that page that tells you how to configure Apache for production environments? Those directions do all assume a Linux filesystem, but the differences between that and Windows are pretty straight-forward and surely how to specify the different format in the Apache config would be covered in detail in the Apache documentation.

I have been trying to use command prompt to install like video shows but the attached pics show it not working and the path is correct.

This is the second try that failed


Where did that comma in your command line come from?

Also, you’re not telling compose to do anything here. Just that it should use that as your working folder. If “dam” is where you’ve installed CakePHP to, you might be able to cd to that folder and then run composer install. Or maybe not, as it’s unclear what “install” even means to you due to your trying to use very old unofficial sources instead of the actual Cake installation documentation which I’ve already linked you to

Here is what you should be doing to create a brand new empty CakePHP application with composer.