Problem in cakephp 1.2 app


I use cakePHP 1.2 in an app for an eshop with PHP ver. 5.3. After a server change, there is an issue on opening a product’s page for edit (error 500).

Can anyone consult / help on this? I have no cakePHP experience, so any help would be greatly appreciated!

Check your server logs, there should be some detail that gives a clue. Also, Cake has its own logs under tmp/logs which might help. Without any such details, there’s simply no end to the guesses we might make about what’s gone wrong.

Thank you! This cakePHP is completely unknown to me. Where can I search for logs? Must I somehow enable logging first?

Server logs will be wherever your server puts its logs. Cake’s logs should be in a folder called tmp/logs under the Cake installation. Shouldn’t be hard to find. You should be able to turn on more debugging by setting “debug” to 2 instead of 0 in config/core.php.