Why not save the data to my database?

I have check all model also and print that entity object but not getting any idea why this happen save the data

You could check the patchEntity and print the result. For me it is usually, something doesn’t have a default value or need to delete the cache, because some model entity things are in cache?

It’s simple submiting form where i submit my data but not getting only one value otherwise it’s works only one value not get’s empty when i print the request data:


[[dirty]] => Array
[question] => 1
[question_type_id] => 1
[active] => 1
[is_parent] => 1
[created_by] => 1

is that affected my request object. Please let me know already check it all the foreign key for submit the table.

Is your entity class ok?

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entity class is OK, i got that reason behind the fail to save data because database field datatype mismatch, i have use Summernote editor which save text data but my database set to character varying in my PostgreSQL that’s why my request data not getting properly. and Thank you.