Data not Saving to database as changing the fields Name

Hello Friends,
I am facing a very peculiar issue for past 2 days, i am still not able to find the major reason for that issue. I am posting my concern hoping someone helps in solving the issue & also understanding the concern why is that happening.!
Below are the details of that issue:
I am using the Cake PHP ver: 3.8
I created a table named school_demos with the fields institute_name, email, mobile, created
When saving the data from a webform, it saves the data of institute_name & created fields rest data showing NULL.

In my webform i put the same name, as the name of the database fields. When i am printing the using it $this->request->getData(), it showing the data in the correct format give below

[institute_name] => Test Institute
[email] =>
[mobile] => 98765123213
[user_role] => schools
[register_submit] =>
When using it the below code:
$user_data = $this->SchoolLeads->newEntity($this->request->getData());

It only saving the data of fields institute_name, created only, rest fields showing NULL.

Please help if any one can or if any can have any idea.

Thank You

I got the solution for this issue. I am posting the solution for this issue so that other get an idea if stuck in any situation similar to it.
It is causing due to model caching. So, we can overcome it by clearing the cache of all the Models.

Just run below bake command for the same.
bin/cake cache clear_all

This command will clear the complete cache of the application. You can see the output like this:
Cleared default cache
Cleared cake_core cache
Cleared cake_model cache
Cleared cake_routes cache

I hope it would work.