When CakePHP naming convention can be a nightmare


I think we mostly appreciate convention over configuration in CakePHP until…

I recently changed files/directories naming to PascalCase to better match naming convention and better structure the code.

That could have certainly no consequences on *nix , I think the problem exists also on OSX machines and on Windows 10 and after having made all these modifications locally, I got the bad surprise to get these modifications not taken in account in other Windows 10 machines.
Investigating, I quickly saw that the filenames were not updated on Github!!!

Searching through the web, I saw this. but it doesn’t work as expected, client efectively see the changes but they are not updated to the online repository :frowning: and lot of peoples consider that PascalCase/camelCase file names is not a good choice so I ask the question:

Should CakePHP keep this chocie or better prefer articles-controller.php instead of ArticlesController.php, same for directory names.