What is the naming convention for protected/private members?

I’ve been trying to find if there is a CakePHP naming convention for private and protected class members.

This isn’t part of the official coding style as it likely doesn’t really affect the end-user. However, since we are trying to following CakePHP conventions to keep issues minimal, I was curious if there was an internal/informal standard for this.

I seen in some cases that an _ is used for both protected fields/variables and methods. However, this isn’t consistent. I see a mix of _ and regular names in classes. Is there a standard that new code follows even if some old code is mixed?

You could just look through some of the vendor code to see, for example.

But browse more files.

Like I said, it is inconsistent. I guess that means it is random.

In a nutshell, CakePHP uses PSR-2 with a few additions/changes. One of the legacy issues of this, is that many protected/private members use a underscore prefix, but newer code does not (Since it would not be good for BC to remove the existing ones). Using underscores is still PSR-2 compliant since PSR-2 only recommends not using them.

You can see the full CakePHP coding standard, and use the official CakePHP Codesniffer sniffs to automatically ensure your code follows the standard.