What is a Cake bake in Cakephp 3

I have built an PHP application, and I want to figure out what is a meaning Cake Bake in CakePHP 3 with code. I have explored many developer forum to get a satisfactory solution but didn’t get it. I hope some of the tech experts in this community can help to figure out my issue.

Cake Bake is a console utility for CakePHP. It allows you to generate quickly your models, controllers views and plenty of other things.
You don’t need to use it to create an application, but I highly recommend it, as it speeds up your development, and helps you avoiding errors and missing stuff…

To launch Cake Bake, open a terminal and go to the root of your CakePHP install (where you can see bin, src, config, … folders), then type bin/cake bake to open its menu.

Cake Book about Bake