How to bake a VIEW or show the result from a VIEW


Please, could someone tell me how to show the result from a VIEW on the CakePHP4.0.3?
Is possible to bake a VIEW?

Thank you in advance.

It’s not clear what you’re having problems with here. What you can bake are “templates”, and those are what generate most output in the system. Is that what you’re having problems with? Or do you actually mean the thing that CakePHP calls a View? It’s pretty rare to need to do anything with those, so if you think you need to, then either you’ve got your concepts mixed up, or you’ve got a design issue, or you’ve hit a rare circumstance that we’ll need to know more about in order to help.

Hi Zuluru,
thank you for the feedback.

My actual project is to develop a new system to a old database.
In this database we have some views as below:

It is an old DB with more than 20 years and the customer doesn’t want to change it.
I would like, if possible, to use those VIEWS just to create some reports. (and save time in development)

Thank you very much for your attention.

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Ah, SQL Views. Yet another meaning of the word. :slight_smile: I have no experience with those, or with Cake 4, but here is one answer that looks useful.

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Hi Zuluru.
Thank you very much, yes, it was VERY userful. :slight_smile: