($this->Notifier->allNotificationList($userid, true) is not working

I am using cakephp notifier plugin.
here is my code -
debug($this->Notifier->countNotificationList(2, true));

And got error :

Error: Call to undefined method Notifier\Controller\Component\NotifierComponent::allNotificationList()
File /Users/adityagupta/talkadoc/vendor/cakedc/users/src/Controller/UsersController.php
Line: 70

Do you have a link to the plugin that you are using?

There is no allNotificationList method in that plugin, which according to the error you are calling on line 70 of /Users/adityagupta/talkadoc/vendor/cakedc/users/src/Controller/UsersController.php, what does that file look like? You shouldn’t ever edit files in the vendor folder, as soon as you run a composer update those edits will be overwritten.

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