Help -> someone did notifications work on cake 3.6

Hi there!
Don’t know exactly what you mean.
Are you looking to something like that?

Or do you want to push notifications to mobile users or push messages out of browser to operation systems like message center in windows and macOS?

Hello, thanks for answering, I want to push notifications to mobile users and push messages out of browser, my customers need to know for example a new tickets was created.

Thanks a lot, saludos y gracias.

Hey, You can use
FCM or make ajax for new notifications which are stored on db.

When using ajax, we are sending requests to server periodically. Depends on the interval, it can result in large number of server hits, which can become the bottleneck easily.
some plugin in cake 3.6??? some example? thanks a lot

Yes , AJAX is the last option, and no one recommend to do that, you can use pusher or websocket or Firebase Cloud Messaging.
I have used websocket in one of my project.

For websocket use for backend , And wampy.js for frontend.
It’s pub-sub model, so server publish notification and client recieve that subscribed notification topic.

I wanna use Firebase Cloud Messaging. Any example to help? thanks a lot

you can read the docs it’s all nice and clean


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Very nice share, thanks munavvard222, the docs are amazing and a great scalable solution for small projects !!!

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