I can't uptade my plugin because a method is been undefined

The company that I work sent me this task because they need somethings in this new version, so I’m trying to update a Plugin to the newest version but the version of my CakePHP it’s 3.2.7, and I guess that it’s not compatible because I’m having the following error while trying to update the Plugin:

Error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined method App\View\AppView::getRequest() in /var/www/html/‘MyApp’/plugins/Usermgmt/src/View/Helper/UserAuthHelper.php

Plugin: User Management Premium 3.3.3 for Cake 3.x (Ektanjali)

Do someone knows how can I solve this error and do this plugin update without needing upgrade my CakePHP version?

OBS: If you didn’t understand something, please try to talk to me, my english it isn’t so good, but I’m trying my best.

The core View class, which AppView extends did not contain the method getRequest until CakePHP 3.7.0. If you try to replace getRequest with request, does that do anything?

The User Management plugin you’re using may require a newer version of CakePHP, so even if you fix this first error, you will likely run into even more errors along the way. You might have to upgrade your CakePHP to match the minimum version of the plugin.

I found this upgrade guide for the plugin on Ektanjali Software. Maybe you could run through that to fix your issues.

No, it didn’t do anything, the error still appears, but with the message : Call to undefined method App\View\AppView::request();

I guess that we we’re going to need to upgrade our CakePHP version to run this plugin correctly…

Still, thank you so much for giving me this upgrade guide for the plugin, it will help me a lot!

getRequest is a method, request is a property. So $this->request() will throw an error while $this->request is what you should try.