This forum is awesome

The features you guys have on here are pretty slick…

So like, the thing is, you guys need to do a shopping cart, or do you guys already have one?

What would you like to buy with a shopping cart? :slight_smile: Or, do you want help with creating one?

Well, I was thinking the other day, that I want to be employed doing CakePHP, and so far the only employers ive had that do php were ecommerce. Im not saying we need to build magento or anything like, but a simple cart, thats usable for any old mom and pop shop, would be a sweet investment into the future for the cakephp developers out there in the wild.

and funny you ask if I am looking for help creating one, I am currently looking into different projects, I need something to do that is an investment in my future, and I was just thinking I would love to do an open source marketplace, would you be interested in collabing? I might know one or two other people that might be interested…

All im saying is, is that, you guys have a big enough user base to change the world in a major way. If it were up to me, I would bake up the CakeCart with the core dev team, document the hell out of it, and five years later, you will have well funded bored cakephp developers that you can throw interfaces at =]

I really would love to see the ability to bake a dashboard, users, blog, forum, all the real basic stuff, with the bare minimum so it all can be extended, i would love to see what a CakePHP Blog Plugin Interface would look like =]

Maybe this is a type of app that can sit on top of CakePHP? What do you think?

Those are not basic stuffs

you are absolutely correct, they are not, i think users is pretty basic, and a blank dashboard, blog software can get seriously complicated, and even more so forum software… im a bit slow, and i dont put things together like other people do, i realized recently that if it requires a table, its not likely going to end up in cakephp/cakephp =]

im figuring it out as I go along, love the work you all do =]