Is it possible to create an e commerce website with cakephp

i want to create an e commerce website with cakephp i need a help please!

It’s certainly possible and would probably be a great fit for an ecommerce site; However, unless your shop requires very limited, specific and unusual functionality, it’s probably not worth building it yourself - there are so many great solutions available, so why bother?

In fact, there are a couple of shopping cart plugins for CakePHP, like

But as far as I know, none for Cake 3+, probably because there’s just not much point in building a plugin which inevitably will be inferior to dedicated ecommerce systems, which have been developed and optimized for a long time.

The thing is that an ecommerce platform usually requires a lot of functionality; So it can take years to develop such a platform, even if you use a framework such as Cake and even if you’re very proficient in it.

So in about 99.9% of the time, using an existing ecommerce system is much, much more effective.