The giant crimson menace from above

Please PLEASE remove that giant, ugly red menu that covers everything if you dared scrolling upwards to continue reading, forcing you to scroll up and down repeatedly just to get rid of it again! I have recently conceded to directly removing it in the HTML every time I visit the site, just to be rid of it’s ever-present, ever-watching spiteful mallace, just WAITING for you to try to scroll up again.


At first I thought this was about this site here, and didn’t understand what the OP was talking about.

But today, as I was using, I realized he’s referring to the way the red header drops in as soon as you try scrolling upward. It’s really annoying and not very useful.

I agree: please kill that behavior. The sticky nav bar is plenty. If you must give people quick access to the red position when they’re already scrolled way down, make it a widget you can click/tap in the sticky nav that only then reveals the whole header.

you could create an issue at docs instead, it has better chance of reaching devs there:

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100 times yes!

There is nothing in that bar that a user needs when halfway down the page and if they want to jump somewhere else there is the ‘Back to Top’ link floating to the side that will jump them straight back up to it (although CTRL+Home is easier I find).

The irritation of that bar getting in the way must far exceed the amount of times it is actually of use.