Step by Step Cake Development Book

Hey all,

I’m a developer at a shop in Ft Collins, CO. My lead developer and I are considering writing a step by step book on developing a real world application from start to finish using Cake 3.

Before we get started, we wanted to make sure that this is something people are actually interested in. Is this something anybody here would read? Is it something you guys think is needed?


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I have books for Cakephp 1.3 as well as 2, because books still feel like a very natural and helpful extension to learning via the internet.

That said, I feel like most books are barely able to scratch the surface when it comes to dealing with a complex framework such as Cakephp, which also gets updated frequently (which means that my books for the previous versions are now pretty much worthless…).

Personally I’m now of the opinion that an online project would make much more sense; Perhaps a compilation of step by step guides for specific parts of a webpage (i.e. user management, administration, processing payments, creating API’s, using different auth types, etc.) instead of a single “complete” application, since every app is different and talking about a single “generic” one is only helpful to a very limited extent.

Of course there would be nothing wrong with then publishing these in book form, but I myself probably wouldn’t buy a book on a framework anymore, since it becomes irrelevant far too quickly. A subscription to a high-quality online resource seems like a much more sensible investment in comparison.

The only other type of book a lot of people would probably be interested in is one that explains how a well-known, successful real-world app, say instagram or, was created; One that also deals with the conceptual challenges that were part of the development process and that gets into the nitty-gritty of how the solutions were found (since strategies, principles and best practices don’t become obsolete with a new release).

These would be my two cents – I wish you great success no matter what you choose to create :slight_smile: !


A subscription to a high-quality online resource seems like a much more sensible investment in comparison.

I definitely like this idea a lot. You could even open up authorship to other experts who could contribute chapters/lessons on various topics. Video & code resources could be shared easily and also made available offline to subscribers for learning anywhere, anytime.

yes,good! thank you for your work.

For an example project, check xeta. Sry, not st office, so I have no link right now. Xeta is on github.