Solid cakephp 3.x book?

Can anyone recommend a solid cakephp 3.x reference manual?

I mean something printed and bound. Sometimes you just want to grab a book sitting next to your workstation and flip through dog-eared pages, TOCs, and indices.

My book just came out at Apress

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You could download the pdf version and print it.

I think what calzone meant is a book that is not the CakePHP online book (and better) :slight_smile:

Alas, my experience with printed books for software is that they usually fall short (no offence to rrd’s book!).
The thing is, you can only fit so much example code and info in a printed book.
I’ve had a really thick, weighty tome on ActionScript which at the end I felt only brushed the surface of AS.
Also had books on previous CakePHP versions and went through them very quickly, so always went back to the official “book”.

Maybe print out a cheat sheet

I was just sort of hoping for a (relatively) thin O’Reilly style book.

I considered printing the official cookbook, but it’s not quite in the format I want, nor the size I want. Maybe Kinkos or Staples could give me a better, bound version of the PDF…

But it’s also not quite intended to be used as a paperback.

@ali you are right. A book is a book. It can give you examples, and introduce different ideas. But when you want do to what you really want normally you will go back regularly to the documentation. I do it frequently :slight_smile: