[Solved] Query to database takes too long


Probably the performance problem is not related with CakePHP. I have a remotely database inside my LAN. ( 1Gbps) it takes about 10 seconds to connect to the database and execute any query. The webserver is my own host, and the database is a Linux virtualized.

I have the skype-resolve-name already configured in my.cnf.

Any advice ?.

Peak Memory Use: 8.21 MB
Message Memory Use
Controller initialization 4.37 MB
Controller action start 4.37 MB
View Render start 6.31 MB
Controller shutdown 7.27 MB
Total Request Time: 10,140 ms
Event Time in ms Timeline
Core Processing (Derived from $_SERVER[“REQUEST_TIME”]) 50.21
Cache.read translations.debug_kit.en_US 1.44
Event: Controller.initialize 0.01
Event: Controller.startup 0.06
Controller action 10,046.22
Cache.read default_users 0.26
Cache.write default_users 3.02
Event: Controller.beforeRender 0.06
View Render start 15.34
Event: View.beforeRender 0.00
Render E:\developer\CakePHP\inventory\src\Template\Users\index.ctp 11.75
Cache.read translations.default.en_US 0.27
Event: View.afterRender 0.00
Event: View.beforeLayout 0.00
Render E:\developer\CakePHP\inventory\src\Template\Layout\default.ctp 0.86
Event: View.afterLayout 0.00
Event: Controller.shutdown 15.79
Cache.read debug_kit_requests 0.25
Cache.read translations.cake.en_US 0.26
Cache.read debug_kit_panels 0.25


I’ts solved.

Was added in the wrong line, [mysql] not [mysqld]