Too many queries to database


I’m new to this forum, and new to cakePHP so… Hello!

I just took charge of a CakePHP application, in 2.5.5 version.

CakePHP app is deployed in a Linux machine, and it’s connected to a Windows VM with SQL Server Database (don’t ask me why…).

Because of the major sanitary event of the moment, too many people connects simultaneously, database CPU reach the sky, and the application collapse.

We work on the application functionnalities to lower the number of database calls, but it seems that a lot of calls are from cakePHP itself, like ARO/ACO tests, ARO/ACO updates and stuff like that.

Do you know if some cakePHP configurations generates unwanted queries to the database, and could be disabled?

By the way, do you have any advices about how to lower the number of database solicitations?

From a database point of view, we already add more CPU and more RAM, get statistics rebuilt, indexes are ok.

Thank you in advance for all the advices you can make!


Without knowing your application, it’s hard to say what might be doing database-intensive calls. But if you can find those things, and the results change only infrequently, they’d be good candidates to be cached.