[SOLVED] CakePHP 4 error 500 when online

Hello everyone,

Here’s my situation:
I have an app with cakephp 4, the Back-Office is a separated app (also with cakephp4).
I just pushed the new BO without any problem and it’s working fine.
But when I push the new Front-Office, I get an error 500.

I have no idea of what is wrong with the Front, as it’s working fine locally.
The database is handled by the BO, so it’s up to date.

Do you have any idea on what I should look to fix it ?

(As of now, the BO is up to date (and working fine), and I have reverted the Front to previous working version)

Thanks in advance for any help

Edit: solved. I must be really tired… It was really basic : forgot to update composer. Sorry for the inconvenience.
I leave the subject open if it can help someone else.

A 500 error will always be logged somewhere on your server. this depends on how you configure your webserver and/or php.
So next time you could try to just look at that error.log file