Issue with "Internal Server Error"

Hello fellow backers :slight_smile:
I have an issue with my site: a lot of users receive the “internal server error” message when visiting the site.
It doesn’t happen for me and for most of my other users it works fine as well, but I do receive a lot of emails where users complain about this issue.

I recently upgraded my Cakephp version from 2.6.4 to 2.8.6, though I think its not specifically an issue with the version itself. I usually have this issue for a while when I upgrade to a new version, and after a couple of weeks less and less users report the problem.

I have a managed server and my access to it is quite restricted, please let me know what I can do and what might cause this.

Thank you!

Every version upgrade with 2.x I would ensure to clear the application cache (app/tmp/cache/ directories), otherwise I’d get “Internal Server Error” consistently.

Thank you for your help. I actually do that whenever I make a bigger change. What puzzles me is, that the issue happens to a small percentage of the users and not for all.