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I am a beginner to cake. I am fascinated by available plugins and how easy to do development. but I have a question - if I use the authentication plugin is my site secure? is cake PHP organisation give some level of guarantee?

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No one can be able to identify the framework which helps them to build a secure website and web app. Developers are looking to create interactive applications using a single programming language. There are a number of web application frameworks on the market that help developers build the best and most interactive applications.

The security of a website is how it has been implemented. Of course the frameworks can provide with API to do so, but if not used, then it is useless.

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So using CakePHP: Quick Start - 2.x without customisation is 90% secure?

also, do you have video or web tutorials that can secure CakePHP 4 application?

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@jeewakak , You can check on youtube videos and also read CakePHP doc cakePHP book.

Thank you @spadeX . I got a reply email.

I wanted to know is it secure before development.