How to implement authentication and authorization plugin

need help to implement official authentication and authorization plugin

Start with the documentation here and here. When you have specific questions, post those, along with the code that you have tried so far, and details of what is not working as you expect it to.


existing documents are still very unclear and difficult to understand, maybe there needs to be a clear example or tutorial that is clear in the application.

in addition to the many questions in this forum that are not answerable or no members are interested in answering them.

in general it is difficult to find help to solve problems or obstacles when we work with cakephp, what if the problem is related to new features or features that will be removed in the next cakephp version.
cakephp is a very good, stable and solid php framework. but the average user of this framework is very lazy to help with the problems faced by other cakephp users. maybe the problem of looking for this framework is a more passive community or because cakephp is too easy to understand so a few questions are thrown into this forum or to other forums.

or even if there is a question the average answer only refers to the official document, which may be the user who has asked to read the cookbook official but they are confused in assembling it into a good unit. like the question above, for example, who asks how to integrate authenication and autorization plugins into a single unified application security.

Maybe this post helps with the authentication part Authentication plugin: install & use