Scrapping And Automation

Hey There!

Basically, I want to make a website that can scrape data from other websites without using an API in the same way that cURL in PHP scrapes data from other websites. I would like to know if it is possible to do this type of programming in CakePHP. My final year project will be a CakePHP project that focuses on automation and that I wish to do in CakePHP.

CakePHP is still PHP, just adding an MVC layer and some useful utilities. Anything that you can do in PHP, you can do in CakePHP. Sometimes it might not make sense to do so, if what Cake adds isn’t useful to the project, but that determination isn’t something we can make for you. I’d say, give it a try, start writing code. If you find that Cake is getting in the way more than it’s helping, then maybe it’s not a good fit, but you can probably pretty easily pull your useful code out of what you’ve done and continue with regular PHP, or try some other framework that might mesh better with what you’ve learned about your project by then.