Saving translations for acl acos modifies lft and rght fields in acos table in cakephp 4.4

I added the TranslateBehavior in AcosTable class with the ShadowStrategy and created the acos_translations table, when I save the records in acos_translations table the lft and rght fields in acos table are modified with bizarre values and in acos_translations these two fields have also bizarre values, this is the code for translate action:

    public function translate()
        $aco = $this->MyPermissions->Acos->newEmptyEntity();
		if ($this->request->is('post')) {
            $acos = $this->MyPermissions->Acos->newEntities($this->request->getData(''));
			$guardar = false;
			foreach($acos as $key => $value){
					$value->_locale = 'es';
					$guardar = $this->MyPermissions->Acos->save($value);
					if(!$guardar) break;
                $this->Flash->success(__('Los permisos han sido traducidos.'));

                return $this->redirect(['controller' => 'Users', 'action' => 'login']);
			$this->Flash->error(__('Los permisos no pudieron ser traducidos. Por favor, intente nuevamente.'));
		$parent_id = $this->MyPermissions->Acos->find('all')->select('')->where(['alias in' => $this->translations]);
        $acos = $this->MyPermissions->Acos->find('all')->where(['or' => ['alias in' => $this->translations, 'parent_id in' => $parent_id, 'parent_id is' => null]]);
        $this->set(compact('aco', 'acos'));

And this is the code for translate view:

 * @var \App\View\AppView $this
 * @var \App\Model\Entity\MyPermission[]|\Cake\Collection\CollectionInterface $myPermissions
<div class="myPermissions translate content">
    <h3><?= __('Traducir permisos') ?></h3>
	<?= $this->Form->create($aco) ?>
	<div class="table-responsive">
				<th><?= __('Padre') ?></th>
				<th><?= __('Alias') ?></th>
				<th><?= __('Izquierda') ?></th>
				<th><?= __('Derecha') ?></th>
				<th><?= __('Traducción') ?></th>
				$i = 0;
				foreach ($acos as $value) :
				<td><?= h($value->parent_id) ?></td>
				<td><?= h($value->alias) ?></td>
				<td><?= h($value->lft) ?></td>
				<td><?= h($value->rght) ?></td>
					<?= $this->Form->control(''.$i.'.alias', ['label' => false]) ?>
					<?= $this->Form->hidden(''.$i.'.id', ['value' => $value->id]) ?>
					<?= $this->Form->hidden(''.$i.'.parent_id', ['value' => $value->parent_id]) ?>
					<?= $this->Form->hidden(''.$i.'.model', ['value' => $value->model]) ?>
					<?= $this->Form->hidden(''.$i.'.foreign_key', ['value' => $value->foreign_key]) ?>
					<?= $this->Form->hidden(''.$i.'.lft', ['value' => $value->lft]) ?>
					<?= $this->Form->hidden(''.$i.'.rght', ['value' => $value->rght]) ?>
	<?= $this->Form->button('Guardar') ?>
	<?= $this->Form->end() ?>

How can I avoid the modification of acos table and saving the correct lft and rght values in acos_translations?

Basically what I want to know is how to save only the translation table and not the original table, is a question about TranslateBehavior.

Just create a form that directly addresses records in the translation table?

As you can see in the code of the view the form controls are created with but in the controller action it saves the translation records with wrong lft and rght values and modifies these two fields in acos table, I need a little more help

I found out that in $this->addBehavior('Tree', ['type' => 'nested']); I can add $this->addBehavior('Tree', ['type' => 'nested', 'left' => 'Acos.lft', 'right' => 'Acos.rght']); but is still trying to modify the fields lft and rght, what array attribute should I put in the addBehavior Tree to avoid the modification of these fields?

Can you please help me with this? I need to solve this issue as soon as possible and don’t know how to do it.

What I need to do in the TreeBehavior class is execute the stopPropagation method in beforeSave method so that it doesn’t modify the Acos.lft and Acos.rght fields, how can I do that without altering the code in TreeBehavior class?

Create your own behavior which extends the TreeBehavior class and overwrite that method with your logic

Thank you @KevinPfeifer that worked perfect