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Hello Devs. I am a beginner in CakePHP . Recently I am learning how to implement real-time notification system. I used Pusher but to fulfill my company requirement, I have to choose any of the paid Pusher package which company won’t allow. Then I hear about .I need some help on and CakePHP .
Is there any tutorial (blog/video) about how to integrate in CakePHP and implement real time notification system? Thanks in advance.

The sound is a bit messy but the knowledge is there

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Hello. I did the same. I came up with redis (as phpsession storage), in combination of nginx (as proxy for ssl/wss termination), as websocket router, autobahn.js as ws-js-client and Thruway as Libs. It is not an cake plugin. I wrote my own lib therefore for usage.

I read a lot about this topic. It is a big setup (i know), but necessary. There are so many pitfalls, with this setup, they are all handled.


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I forgot to say, that this setup is for bidirectional communitcation server <-> client. So not only for realtime notifications. Realtime communication.

Otherwise, you could do it like facebook with ajax-longpolling. This might be the shorter way…

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Thank you. It helps me to know about socket implementation with cake. :slight_smile:

You may implement this one to cakephp