How to Show Event System

Hi, I want Know , How to Show Event System on CakePHP as Notifier For All Users Online ?

Hello wakikuk,
Please make sure to describe your issue and what you have done so far, so that others are up to speed with your case before they start thinking about what could be the solution to your specific issue.
As a rule, please write about the following;
1- What you were doing
2- What you expected
3- What you got instead
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If I understood what are you trying to do is that, when someone writes a message or make a change on the database, you want cake to update the notification in real time on the other user’s interface and let the user to know that an unread notification is awaiting for that user.

If I am not mistaken on my assumption, for that purpose cake cannot do it by itself, I made a little research on my side because I wanted to do the same and I stroke the same answer over and over again, it happens that you need the use of web sockets, or to use some more expensive (ressources wise) alternatives like javascript using AJAX calls every X seconds to update the user interface, or in every time you load the page you fetch the data saved in the database that has not been seen, in you case the notifications data.

If you find another alternative, it’ll be nice from you to share that info.


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