Practice a livechat

Hello Everyone!!, I Just want to ask if its ok to use jquery and mysql to build a chat application? and please your free to give advice Thank You SO Much!!

Sure, why not. I’d personally also look into implement something related to websockets to get “real time data” to users.

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Great @KevinPfeifer I watched your live presentation on YouTube so congrats Sir.
Ok so if you thinking about websockets with cakephp I think is best service for any application even I am using alby in my cakephp project for live location and chat or tracking assignments… otherwise we have to look after everything if we choose websockets and maintain server well

@shaan007 your link seems broken.
@Rods I also would consider websocket. Without it you must constantly ask server is there are some new messages. The tricky part is authorization of websocket in my opinion.

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Thanks @jarekgol, I already used rachet websocket for that in other case maybe I switch to pusher API if I cant run the websocket in hosting terminal.