Plugin's rooting in a prefix


I have a problem with routing. I have a plugin but I can not connect a route in a prefix.

Plugins url : /plugin-name/test : call TestController in “pluginsName/TestController.php”

I wan’t
/myprefix/plugin-name/test : call TestController in "pluginsName/TestController.php

My differents test :

Router::prefix('myprefix', function ($routes) {
    // Call TestController in my plugin but in "pluginsName/Api/TestController.php"
    $routes->connect('/plugin-name/test', ['plugin' => 'PluginName', 'controller' => 'Test', 'action' => 'display']);

    // Error
    $routes->connect('/plugin-name/test', ['plugin' => 'PluginName', 'controller' => 'Test', 'action' => 'display', 'prefix'=>false]);

     Not work
     $routes->plugin('PluginName', function($routes) {
         $routes->connect('/test', ['controller' => 'Test', 'action' => 'display']);


Do you have a solution ?