Plugin routes not working

As far as I can tell, I’ve configured the routes file on my plugin, and have confirmed it is loading, which indicates the load method is working, with ‘routes’=>true doing it’s job. I’ve also confirmed the plugin is loaded using Plugin::loaded();

I am getting this:

Error: A route matching “array ( ‘controller’ => ‘window-catalogs’, ‘action’ => ‘index’, ‘plugin’ => ‘window-cleaning’, ‘_ext’ => NULL, )” could not be found.
(Missing Route Exception);

I can’t figure out why I’m getting this error. Has anyone else cleared this up?

A controller name should not use dashes when you are defining Routes in Router::scope() or $routes->connect() method. The Error is for 'controller' => 'window-catalogs' it should be 'controller' => 'WindowCatalogs' if you try this please let me know…

hope this will fix you problem :slight_smile:

Thank you.

Thanks, dude. My route syntax was incorrect. The plugin was baked, which wrote some code that didnt work. I studied up the routing section in the Cook Book and realized I hadn’t defined a $route->connect properly.

Would not hurt if you put the soluction you find out.

I’m stucked with similar problem and you could had help!