Multiple img folders? [Answered]

Ok I’m trying to understand why there are so many img folders. I understand the webroot\img folder and am currently using that, but what are the other two for? I can’t seem to google the correct verbiage to find a question asking this.


The only one I am able to find in my project is the webroot/img one (Cake 3.6)…
So I guess you can just remove them and ignore them?

Sounds like something that was created by a previous dev of your application?

Guess the jokes on me. Maybe I added them forever ago. I’m still learning and have been trying to learn for the last 6+ months… it hasn’t been easy. I’ve just recently started writing down documentation for me to better remember and understand. I’ll have to create a new project and go from there so I don’t make this mistake again. Thanks for the help.