The setting of image files' directory

Hi! Spring has come, but I am confused by image files’ handling.
I’m Japanese. I hope you read my English.

By default in cakephp, Image files are supposed to set in /webroot/image.
I want to know where the configuration of image files’ directory is.
I hope to set it from the root directory ( like c:\xxxxx\yyyy\zzz.jpeg )

If it is possible, could you please inform me?
Thank you!

You could use symbolic links for that?
But I recommend to just keep it in the /webroot/image (though I myself prefer to have it in /webroot/assets/image) as this way you won’t have any confusion down the road, especially when you switch to a Linux server for example.

You’re right.
We will switch to a Linux server! I was not thinking about that.
Thank you for your advice!

Well, I was not saying: “switch to a linux server” alrighty then xD
Just do make sure you try to keep the paths to the images relative to the app, preferably in the webroot.

Oh! English is difficult for me!

We=I and our team members was planning to switch to a Linux server.

Don’t worry. Thank you!