Multilingual Not Work in cakephp 3

I downloaded the Locale folder of the Project and pasted it inside src to do a multilanguage test. The controller is this: `
namespace App\Controller;

use Cake\I18n\I18n;

class PruebasController extends AppController
//////////////////////////////////SEARCH CUSTOMERS ///////////////////////////////////////////////

function index(){


And his template is:<?php echo __('Home'); ?>`
When I execute it does not translate. Can you tell me what I’m missing?.

This is a plugin it does not work like that. On its github page it is clearly described how to install and use it.

If you want to use only the translation itself, than you should put src/Locale/es/ and src/Locale/es/cake.po files form the github repo to your src/Locale/es folder and rename them to and default.po