CakePHP 3 controller language change in url


I am new in CakePHP and I have started making a new multi language website with CakePHP 3. I would like to change the URL depending on the language (For the SEO). For example, I have two languages : spanish and english.
In the controller “Users” I’ve got an action called: add.

So, depending on the language, it would be:



My question is: Is there any chance in CakePHP 3 to change the controllers and actions language in the url?


Use the router to configure the routes in the languages you want, and direct them to the appropriate controller.

Router::connect('usuarios/crear', ['controller' => 'Users', 'action' => 'add']);

Thank you so much! I have installed the plugin and the languages work fine! But I have a question: Is possible to change the controllers language in the url with the plugin?

Thank you so much!

Not sure what you mean. With the I18nRoute provided in the plugin you can language based URLs like /en/controller/action, /fr/controller/action etc.