Migration cakephp from PHP version 5.6.35 to php 7.2.3

What file? What did you rename it to? Why did you do this? How are you referencing it?

Sorry it is folder what I downloaded from GitHub i.e cakephp 2.10.13 and I reamed this into my project application name and I copied the entire project file into this folder .When I ran this it gives me this error?

You renamed and moved the entire CakePHP implementation?

Yes I moved and copied my project file inside it

When I run I got the error saying cache default engine is not properly configured

You said you had your project working earlier. Why did you make this change? And I’m still not clear on what the resulting folder structure looks like.

Yes there are 3 parts in single application
In first part i downloaded cakephp 2.10.13 version and I copied into this folder when I ran it ran successfully.
For second part the same way I copied it and put it inside cakephp 2.10 folder and this time when I ran it gave me error

I did not do any changes in the similar way I copied files and I got the error

If you have two applications, set them both up the same, and you should be all set. The error message gives multiple possible causes, permissions is just one.

Ok will check again and see

Can you please tell.me how to change the permissions of cache folder

I resolved cache error
I copied default bootstrap.php of cakephp 2.10.13 before it was previous versions bootstrap.php file

Thank you for your help.

Hi I am getting the missing database connection error and it is saying SQL driver is not enabled in cakephp 2.10 version?can you please help me with this

Again, this is working in your other application, look at what’s different between the two.

When I put this cakephp version 2.10.13 in xampp for php 7.2 version I got this error

It ran only when I put cakephp version 2.10 in damn for PHP 5.6

So now I want cakephp 2.10 and PHP 7.2 so I am getting SQL driver is not enabled in this

You should know what are the deprecated functions in PHP 7.x. To migrate PHP to 7.x, you can use tools, like PHP 7 Mar that will help you find the deprecate code in your website and update it according to the latest version. There are no tools that can upgrade the version automatically. For database migration, you can use Phinx.