Issue with LDAPAuthentication

Greetings I have tried a number of projects with CakePHP 3 for LDAP auth. I finally settled on aravind-zrx/cakephp-ldap. It has the features I am looking for. When I try to login it fails. Is there a way to debug and get the code to show me why its not working? Any insights would be greatly appreciated. Ive worked on this over 12 hours and OMG Im about to loose it. If anyone has implemented ldap auth let me know what you did. I need this functionality like yesterday…

Hi! Could you share more information with us - what you’ve tried, what doesn’t work, how it doesn’t it work, error messages you’ve gotten etc?

Yes error messages, log ourput as well as errors from the LDAP server if you have access to it?

Common issues:

  1. Firewall, you are blocked from accessing the ldap server because you are coming in from outside the network. And/or your app IP address is not whitelisted. Usually LDAP is restricted to within an organisation’s network.
  2. LDAP attributes that you are querying don’t match, fields, values or both. See if you can access a tool that you can explore the organsations LDAP/directory structure.

So here is where we are. I have installed a number of them and configured them per the instructions for the module. From what I can tell it never tries to talk to the domain controller. I am running wireshark to view network packets coming from the development server. I see no connections to the domain controllers. I wrote a simple ldap script and it connects no problem. Im at a loss. Once the user logs into the controller the auth->identify code is called but nothing happens. I am trying to figure out in the code how to debug it and figure out what is wrong. Any help is appreciated. I am not getting any error messages.