Can Models be moved outside of the project level structure?

I am trying to build a system of distributed applications. I envision there being a core that is separate from each application itself. I know this is possible, but what i want to know is it i can do that same thing with models? Is there a way to update the location where cake looks for models? Please let me know.


I guess you can have the core model in a plugin. (The plugin is another cakephp project)

Then you can symlink the core plugin in your apps.

You should use your model like this

// Relations

// finders
$query = $this->Model->contain('MyCore.Providers');

Thanks for the reply Raul338!

I am aware of this implementation and it looks like it may be the only way to create this functionality. Its funny, you can change the core location of CakePHP, but not the models and configs…

The only way i can see this working and it would be radical in change… would be to have all applications become thin-apps ( views that handle json responses )… and depend on a single Cake installation as an API layer among all applications…