Is CakePHP 4x a Data Mapper framework or Active Record framework?

I have read some old articles which said that CakePHP 2x is Active Record framework which is not suitable for application that work with large dataset.

Is it still true with CakePHP 4x? I can not find any new article mention about this aspect for CakePHP4x
Thank you.

The answer to this probably depends on what you mean by “not suitable” and “work with” and “large dataset”. People have successfully built enterprise-scale applications with millions of records in Cake and similar frameworks. But I can easily imagine that there could be applications with much smaller databases that might not work well in such a framework because of how the data needs to be manipulated.

Read the section of documentation:

Database Access & ORM, it describes the patterns used.

thank you Zuluru and jimgwhit for your answers