Cakephp 3.9 vs CakePhp 4.2 performance

Has anyone had a chance to do a comparison of the performance between the two? Is there a big performance increase in 4.2?

I’m not aware of any. It would be interesting to see some basic stats though like bootstrapping, serialization, and basic orm to serialized response.

according to my Teacher, his opinion is stick to 3.9 until cannot be used… as series 4 still got things to update… update is one of the painful thing. according to him

so we are still learning 3.9,

By that logic then you wouldn’t move on to 4 until a version 5 is released.

But there’s one take-away point from school, you’re not learning how to do web development, you’re learning how to learn - so once that is fully grasped learn and use the best technology for the job. Hopefully by that time you’ll recognise that will be the latest version of whatever. Also factor in that sooner or later you’ll need to support clients, and when that happens there’s nothing worse then them using a level of tech beyond what you’re using; credibility = 0.

Ya, i think my teacher will stick to teaching version 3.9 even version 5 or higher are released.

not easy to meet good teachers or mentors here as they keep the best in their pockets…

a long way still need to go,

thank you very much

Looking at the changelogs

These are more updates to either support more features (like window functions in 4.1 or the DI container in 4.2) or remove deprecated, old code

In my opinion performance is mostly dependent on

  • What/How many tables you use
  • What PHP Version or DBMS you are using and of course
  • What Hosting you are using

which is more on your side than on the framework side.

But that just my opinion :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: