Integrating Bootstrap Template into cakephp 3.6.7

how to Integrating Bootstrap Template into cakephp 3.6.7…?

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You are free to edit your template files, so they can be bootstrap or any other css framework compatible.

how to attach font-awesome link

where to add javascript functions…?

plz tell me…

I think, you should read this

All above ref can apply in

all bootstrap file paste inside the webroot/js, webroot/css, webroot/img

may be this video Can help you

mode: ‘picker’,
target: ‘#mytarget’,
setWidth: ‘250px’,
startHidden: true,
showTrigger: ‘#mytarget’,
stylePast: true,
disablePast: true

this is an example javascript function .,
how to integrate with header file…?
cakephp 3.6

Please read the documention linked by @mzm above