Blog Tutorial : Auth

Hello !

I have installed CakePhp 3.2.7, everything works !

I’m performing the Blog Tutorial on CakePhp Website and i have an issue.

In the “Authentication and Authorization” section (, if i go to the URL : “/users/add” and I want to add an user, i get this error :

“Method getData does not exist”

I made the tutorial twice, and the same error…
Do you have a solution ?

Thank you.


->getData is cake 3.4.0 way and currently the tutorial has been updated to use it without informing users that this method is unavailable for cake <3.4, you should use ->data instead, iirc there is also ->getParam that should have note ->param for cake <3.4

Thank you for this useful information.
So, I will upgrade to version 3.4.0.

I hope that will not be the same for each new version.