getRequest in component cakeph 3.8


I’ve upgraded from 3.4 to 3.8 - yeah I know it’s a little late :slight_smile:

I have a component which is handling setting session variables amongst other things. Previously it have lines like:

$this->request->session()->write(‘Config.settingId’, $settings_array->id);

After the upgrade to 3.8 this is failing - due to I believe $this->reesut becoming $this->getRequest

So i’ve changed it to:

$session = $this->getRequest()->getSession();
$session->write(‘Config.settingId’, $settings_array->id);

As in the documentation however it then fail with;

Call to undefined method App\Controller\Component\MyComponent::getRequest()

Any Ideas please and how I resolve this?

The request is still on the controller so

//$this is your Component

I’m facing the same issue in cake 3.8 componet using this overcome from that issue, but now get

Call to a member function getController() on null
how to fix this?

Already add

use Cake\Controller\Controller;

still getting error

So, $this is null in your component? Is it a static function in the component? Otherwise, that should never be the case.

So, you are making a call like this:


The message is telling you that $something is NULL.

Look at your code again. It sounds like a simple typo or use of the wrong variable.

If this code is in a component, $this holds the component and $this->getController() would be the expected call.

namespace App\Controller\Component;

use Cake\Controller\Component;
use Cake\Mailer\Email;
use Cake\Filesystem\Folder;
use Cake\Filesystem\File;
use Cake\Controller\Controller;

class CustomComponent extends Component {

    function __construct($prompt = null) {

    function uploadImageBanner($tmp_name, $name, $path, $imgWidth) {
            $user_id = $this->getController()->getRequest()->getSession()->read(''); **// get error here**
          //code here


This is my component code
Can you check what is the issue.

$this->request->getSession(); that should work

maybe the problem is that not set in the session? already set in controller when user logged in.

$this->request->getSession(); is for cake 3.5 or lower
I’m using cake 3.8.

in cake3.8
$this->request->getSession(); //shows deprecated notice

You’ve overridden the default component constructor with your own, but not called the parent one.

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Can you explain it bit more? I’m still not get how to call parent one any example

It’s not something specific to components. In general, in PHP, when you create a class that extends another class, and you have a __construct function, your function should take all the same parameters as the parent’s __construct function does, and then you do parent::__construct(...) with all the parameters in the … spot.