How to install PHP Intl on macOS Mojave

Hi there, I need to install intl extension on mac os mojave’s own php 7.1.19 without brew and macports (I want to continue with mac’s own php).
I could install pear and pecl but it needs icu (libicu) now, I couldn’t find a way to go further without brew.
Here the guys offer a php script but it is buggy yet on Mojave.
On Linux I see it is pretty simple with (sudo) apt-get install php7.0-intl, but how can I do it on mac without installing a new (additional) php copy while mac’s own php is existing. Thanks in advance

Hi Everybody,

In reply to my question :slight_smile: , for those who are experiencing difficulty in installing cakephp due to php extensions on mac (and others as well), first I recommend them to read the nice post here to understand php package managers, repositories and libraries, such as pearl pecl composer packagist etc…
My 2nd advise to them to read the solution here : . With cakedc/intl it is possible to bypass the intl requirement if you don’t want to use its features.
I am just testing the cakephp now so I don’t need full intl features at the moment therefore this could be soluton for me. In case the intl features are really needed, it seems that some solutions exist in composer.
Good luck.