INTL on M1 MacBook Air

Hi there, we just got a new M1 MacBook Air for development. But cannot seem to get INTL installed in this local environment. Does anyone have experience with getting cakePHP to work locally on an M1 MacBook?

Don’t know about Mac specific, but it is PHP extension. So check php.ini and if not - you must download php with compiled in INTL and enable it in php.ini or compile php by your self.

Google is your friend

Thanks Kevin :slight_smile: we have actually tried that one, but continue to get errors… I guess well have to keep trying

otherwise I will recommend you to try docker or something docker-based like

It was a bit of a PITA

The PHP that ships with MacOS was old and due to be removed in a future version. I added PHP 7.4.25 with HomeBrew and then added that to the PATH

export PATH="/opt/homebrew/opt/php@7.4/bin:$PATH"
export PATH="/opt/homebrew/opt/php@7.4/sbin:$PATH"

Seemed to do the trick

on my Mac mini m1 I installed homebrew and mamp.
in Mamp you can install INTL.
Take care of this article to activate the right php version:

Thanks so much for all the help guys! we will give it a shot and see how we go :slight_smile: sounds like its definitely possible then…

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Hi guys,

When reading this, my first thought was to suggest running PHP inside VirtualBox (this way you separate your work and personal environments, as well as get a proper Linux), but I’m actually not sure if these new M1 macs support traditional VirtualBoxes? Specifically, Debian Linux. Does anyone know?

im not 100% sure to be honest. but I THINK that you are correct. the new M1 Macs do not allow you to run a virtual box.